Wednesday, June 15, 2011

String Cheese

The origins of string cheese are a little hazy. Perhaps in some rustic Italian villa, a mother, anxious to keep her child busy while she finished her cheese, pulled off a piece for him to work. After all the word Mozzare means to cut off.

My kids love to make string cheese

Once you have mastered Mozzarella there is no reason you can't move on to making string cheese. There is no need for a special recipe just follow the directions to the point of stretching. Once you have pulled the cheese just stretch and roll it out then cut into strips and brine it for a few hours.


Marissa said...

Our mozz seems to be too 'smooth' (or too rubbery if we screw up!) for making a good string cheese. I've found that if the brine is cold (as in, just out of the fridge), it guarantees a good stringiness. Usually, we use warm (~100F) brine.

What temp brine do you typically use?

Christy said...

I have a bucket 20% brine in my milk refrigerator. Fresh brine can be difficult to work with. It has the propensity to draw calcium from the cheese making it soft and slimy. Also you often need to adjust the pH a bit. So it is better to make it beforehand. You should be able to reuse the brine for quite a few months...