Friday, June 10, 2011

Making a Garlic Braid

The Missouri River is due to flood June 14th. All of the people who live in the flood plain have been ordered to evacuate by this weekend. Some of our friends salvaged what they could from their gardens. This beautiful garlic was brought to me green because of the untimely harvest but it will still be wonderful. I decided to braid it to get it up out of the way to cure.

Gather supplies

Prepare to Braid
 Brush dirt off garlic
Trim roots
Bind three heads of garlic with twine

Braiding Instructions
1. Add a piece of garlic to the center –stem down the middle
2. Braid right strand to the center
3. Add Garlic to the right side - stem down the middle
4. Braid left strand to the center
5. Add Garlic to the left side - stem down the middle
6. Braid right strand to the center
Each braid section should contain two stems
Repeat From 1.
End with a garlic in the middle
Continue braiding stems
Bind with twine

View from the back

My finished braid would have been tighter if the stems were allowed dried out more.


sallysuesoaps said...

Beautiful Christy!

Paula said...

Christie, truly great. Have to give it a try myself. My thoughts are with the people affected by the flood.