Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lemon Balm Stevia Solar Infusion

Okay, so it's sun tea! Solar infusions are a wonderful way to extract flavor and medicinal properties from herbs. The long slow brewing method provides a tisane that is less acidic with a subtle flavor and aroma. Using a ratio of 2 tablespoons of fresh herbs per cup of purified water place glass jar in a warm sunny location for 10-48 hours.

I make mine with a variety of herbs but our favorite is lemon balm and stevia. The lemon balm has a strong bright lemon flavor and when complemented with the sweetness of the stevia it makes a delicious herbal lemonade.

Lemon Balm (Melissa Officinalis)
Lemony Goodness

Stevia (Stevia Rebaudiana)
A touch of sweetness


Marissa said...

Cool! I've never managed to grow Stevia successfully. I'm trying again this year though!

Deb said...

I've never been able to grow Stevia either, but then I'm not to good at growing anything usually.

Christy said...

My tips for growing Stevia; Put it in a pot and forget it unless you remember to water it :)

Paula said...

What a wonderful idea. Just up my alley! Solar infusion is the next on my list - right after having again a collection of herbs available to me. Just posted about tea / infusions myself. Seems that great mind think alike ;-)))

Christy said...

Paula, I can't wait to read you post on tea! I love having you around we just seem to get each other :)))

PMcNemar said...

That sounds really, really yummy. I wish I had fresh herbs but unfortunately I don't for the time being. One day I'm going to have a nice herb garden though, just got to get around to it. There's always so much else to do it's hard to find time for it all. :)