Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Seven things about me...

I appreciate Marissa from beautiful Sand Holler Farm for acknowledging my fledgling blog with the Stylish Blogger Award! Please stop by and visit her gorgeous blog, you'll be glad you did!

It is said that true style is knowing who you are and what you want to say. In many ways my blog has a long way to go and I don't take it lightly that Marissa has faith in where I'm heading. The rules for the award are that I should post 7 new things about myself that haven’t been shared online and then pass the award on to 15 other bloggers. The first part is easy. Even though I have been participating on forums most people don't really know anything personal about me. For the second part I do have a couple of blogs that have drawn me in. Paula from This American Life is fabulous! Our love of nature, human culture and food have brought us together via blog world. You will love her whit and exciting adventures. Also, The Abby Farm. Join Suzy as she shares about her very dear and special family living on a farm estate built in 1890 by the brothers of Saint Benedict's Abbey.

Okay, since most people online know nothing about me anything goes, right?

1. I was born and raised in Alaska where I lived up until 16 years ago. My husband is from Kansas and after our first two babies were born we decided to move back here to live out our farm-home dream.

2. Four of my five children were born at home and two of them were water births. I love everything about homebirth. The sweet, peaceful setting of our own bedroom, the loving entrance directly into home and family life...

3. I also homeschool our children with a natural learning approach. I provide an educational environment with a small amount of  formal bookwork and they are free to pursue their interests and learn everything they want to know.

4. I attended a nontraditional elementary school where there were no walls or age segregation. We called our 'teachers' by their first names. Instead of classes we had Family Groups. Instead of rows of desks we sat in a circle on the floor. Instead of assignments we had learning centers. At the beginning of the week we would have a conference with our Family Group Leader and make up a contract with what learning activities we would do. Then, at the end of the week we would check in and let them know what we thought about our week and what we learned.

5. When the kids were little we went for a couple of years without a car and rode bikes everywhere.

6. I have serious issues with driving in the city.

7. I do Capoeira (Brazilian martial arts), kickboxing, and Samurai sword fighting.


Marissa said...

Yeah! Glad you embraced the award and broke the ice with some personal tidbits! you do truly deserve it. When I first discovered your blog I thought you must have been around a long time as it just seemed so well laid out and well written - things that people usually take some time to figure out.

I did natural childbirth too, but at a birthing center (hubby was scared to do it at home for a first birth).

And capoeira, how cool! I lack the coordination. :p

Anonymous said...

you SO DESERVE the recognition! Your taking the time to blog about farmstead living is going to give so many others the courage to try things that they wouldn't otherwise! I love your blog, but more than that I love sharing it with my friends. Thanks so much for sharing of yourself!

Paula said...

Now I am honored. Still struggling with English I am not always sure whether I can be understood and not just creating more International misunderstandings for which I am famous!
I agree with Melissa - your blog is very stylish, suits you very well and your writing is great. Born blogger!
Thanks for sharing some tidbits of you. It does makes it a bit more personal!