Sunday, May 29, 2011

3 Reasons to Plant a Three Sisters Garden

It's the end of May and you might feel your opportunity to create a charming little garden plot slipping away. But if you have a 10' X 10" area to dedicate to the three sisters corn, pole beans and squash (and a few sunflowers) you can cultivate an interesting, productive little area. Here are 3 reasons planting a Three Sisters Garden will bring you a feeling of satisfaction.

1) Historic Significance 
I love to draw from ancient wisdom. The American Indians, who taught us about the three sisters were in tune with nature and the earth and developed many legends to pass their beliefs on to future generations. The sisters are planted together in one mound with the understanding that to grow and thrive, they would need to depend on one another. They need to see that each is special and each has great things to offer on her own and with the support of the others. The Three Sisters can never be separated but must stay together working, helping and loving one another.

2) Ecologically Friendly
Companion planting is an instrumental feature of organic sustainable gardening. It is based on the knowledge that certain plants benefit others when planted close to each other. For the Three Sisters this is represented by the fact that the beans provide nitrogen for the corn, the corn provides a pole for the beans to climb which in turn, helps to stabilize the tall corn as well. The squash rambles among the rows providing a living mulch and a prickly deterrent for unwanted pests. 

3) Easy to Maintain
Because of the natural effects of companion planting, and with only three crops which happen to thrive together, once established this garden requires minimal care.

For more information and planting instructions for the Three Sisters Garden visit Rennee's Garden


Paula said...

You make my heart go wide and light! I love the 3 sisters and the historical and organic connection. This is so up my alley!My little patio is brimming with herbs, sugar peas, lavender and tomatoes, and onions! I already collect and dream and create and dream some ore of my garden next year when THE house has been found!Thanks for being who you are!Even better being out here to connect!

Christy said...

Paula, You are so kind. Thank you for reading my blog and giving me so much support through your thoughtful comments. It is so nice to get to meet you this way!