Monday, October 15, 2012

Reconstructing Our Wood Fired Hearth Oven Part 2

Once we have the oven core in place we started looking for finishing materials. The rock we used in the initial construction was long gone, scattered throughout other projects. We looked for more rock but couldn't find anything. We even looked at buying new rock but that is not our way of doing things.

The first piece that came our way was the Indiana limestone slabs that we cut and shaped for the hearth.

Next we were able salvage some decorative cut limestone from a hundred year old house that was being demolished.  The bricks for the chimney came from the same house as the decorative cut limestone.

We used Roxul rock wool insulation around the dome of the oven.

Stucco mesh corner bead over the rock wool.

Ready for Stucco!

First fire!

Ready to bake!!
 Bread ready to load onto the oven
Wood Fired Bread!
Wood Fired Pizza!

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Mark Peters said...

Interesting site & great looking stove
The Peters Family of SW Ohio