Monday, October 10, 2011

And the Winners Are....

I want to thank every one who entered the Organic Goat Milk Lotion Giveaway!!! I'm thrilled so many of you are interested in my products. Now, to select the winners...

First I assigned a number to each entry, there were a total of 57. Then I went on over to I set the integer generator to select 3 random integers since I wanted three winners. I set the value between 1 and 57 in order to correspond with the number of entries. I clicked 'Get Numbers' and voila, the numbers appeared!

#52 Vickie Bell
#40 Leann Lindeman
#22 Paula Bowser

Congratulations to the lucky winners! Please contact me via facebook or at providencehillfarm @ sbcglobal dot net with your mailing address and I'll ship your soap and lotion right away. I plan to do regular, frequent givaways so if you didn't win this time watch for the next givaway during the Holidays!

1 comment:

katlupe said...

I am thrilled that my good friend, Paula won this giveaway! She needed a little joy in her life of late and this may be a small thing, but it helped. Thank you for choosing her number! And to you Christy for having this giveaway. I will be watching for the next one. Missed this one.