Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dry Skin Brushing

Detoxification is the underlying principal behind ancient healing practices. You may not realize it but you skin is an organ designed to aid in detoxification of bodily systems. Did you know 25% of all toxins are released through the skin? Always use a natural bristle brush for dry skin brushing. Both classic and functional natural bristles do not scratch the skin like synthetic bristles. While this type of brush offers gentle deep pore cleansing as a bath brush, brushing wet skin does not offer the same therapeutic effects as dry skin brushing. It is recommended to choose either dry or wet use for the brush. Once the bristles become wet they are no longer suited for the purpose of dry skin brushing. Cleaning a dry brush is recommended at least once a week using rubbing alcohol and a cotton cloth.

Dry Skin Brushing Benefits
Tones and Tightens Skin,
Aides Digestion,
Stimulates Circulation, 
Promotes Cell Renewal,
Cleanses Lymphatic System, 
Removes Dead Skin,
Strengthens Immune System,
Helps with Detoxification,
Diminishes Cellulite,
Allows Body Systems to Perform at Maximum Efficiency
Takes less then 10 minutes a day

Brushing Basics
 Use a series of approximately 7 light, quick, short brush strokes for each area
Brush the sole of the foot from toes to heel and top of foot from toes to ankle
Continue up the leg from ankle to knee and from knee to thigh all around the leg
Bush upward over buttock and hip areas
Brush across front of hip toward groin
Brush the palm of the hand from fingers to wrist, repeat on the back of the hand
Brush from wrist to elbow, front and back
Continue from elbow to shoulder, front and back
Brush down through armpit then across armpit
Brush from shoulder to sternum then brush sternum in a  circular motion
Brush under the breast in a semi-circle toward the sternum
Brush abdomen in a counter clockwise motion
Finish torso and back  with upward strokes 


d'Artagnan said...

Fascinating! I will have to try this!


Paula said...

I love dry brushing. I tend to have a milk oil bath afterwards. Not rubbing the skin dry, just gentle tapping, wrapping myself in this huge towel and rest for 10min. Love olive oil for sun damaged hair too. Cover the points overnight in olive oil. Its wonderful yet I smell like a salad! Have a great weekend!