Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Old Fashioned Goat Milk Lye Soap

Virtually unchanged throughout the ages, this is soap in it's purest form. The early pioneers of alchemy, mostly women, worked hard collecting rain water, filling leach barrels, and rendering trimmings in order to produce lye soap. Not only was this soap used to clean their families, homes and laundry it was also used to treat poison ivy and chiggers. The practice of adding goat milk to soap appears to be as old as the soap making process itself. Goat milk greatly improves the quality of soap, making a creamier bar with better moisturizing capabilities. If you thought lye soap was too harsh and irritating for your skin, try goat milk lye soap!

Old Fashioned Goat Milk Lye Soap
This recipe is by weight
16 oz lard
2.25 oz lye
6 oz frozen goat milk ice cubes

Stainless Steal or heavy plastic bucket
Large Pyrex measuring cup
Stainless steal or silicone whisk
Soap mold -your soap mold can be a simple plastic utility box

Lye Safety
Please read the following safety information regarding lye.

Keep children and animals away from lye. Lye is very caustic and can cause serious injury or even death if swallowed and can cause blindness if splashed into the eyes. 
Be very careful not to splash or spill the lye solution. When handling lye wear goggles, rubber gloves and long sleeves and an apron. Please be careful! 

With glove, goggles, long sleeves and apron on you are ready to begin
Weigh all ingredients
Warm Lard to 110F add to soap bucket, set aside
Place goat milk ice cubes into the Pyrex measuring cup
Carefully  add the lye and stir until the goat milk has melted
Carefully pour the lye/milk mixture into the melted lard
Stir with the whisk until the soap begins to thicken like cake batter
Pour soap into the mold, cover and allow to sit undisturbed over night until hardened
Remove soap from mold and cut into bars
Cure for 4-6 weeks


The Zany Housewife said...

Okay, you've confirmed it. I really really really need to get some goats. :)

The Zany Housewife said...

Although me around Lye? Hmmm...scary thought.

Abby Jo @ said...

Thank you for posting this! I would love to try my hand GOAT soap! To bad we don't live closer, I will have to be content with your blog posts!

Abby Jo

Prairie Cat said...

Loved this post! Definitely makes me want to go out and get a goat.